We are busy doing online testing and teaching. We are parents of gifted children ourselves, have been school leaders too, primary and secondary educators and principals. We really care to provide professional services at a price that ordinary families cam pay. Giftedness runs in families so where there is one there are more. Twins run in my family so it is easy to have a big family fast. The price of psychological testing was far outside of our budget. Then if we had one in a special program there were 4 to go in it. We just could not afford it. So now I remember that and try to change things. We cannot do things the way they were.

So we do testing online with our standardized tests for reading and reasoning. We try to cover as many time zones as possible. For us NZ is good, Western Australia is good . After that we are 4 , 6, 8 or more hours away from our own times. We are testing or teaching at all hours of the day so do not have time to chat. If any retired principals would like to cover more of the time zones send an email to

Best if you are a parent of gifted children. Needed in UK, EU, USA and places in their time zones. All you need is provided. We hope you understand.

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