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Meeting the Needs of Gifted Children


Our services are customised to meet the specific needs of gifted children. The courses have been extremely successful over two decades in schools. By going online we can provide for many more children's leaming with the schools and parents.

The reasonably-priced units are suitable for teachers, after school tutors, home-schooling and parents and carers looking for something to keep their gifted children occupied and interested before and after school.

To check that your child is advanced enough for our programs please do the online test taking note of warnings needed to satisfy schools. The result needs to be in the top 10%.

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Our Programs


A Comprehensive Approach

We teach using a questioning Socratic method we call 6WH.



This deepens thinking and stops off the cuff answers, and provokes further conversation. We talk a lot in our lessons and do partner work and sharing. The fee is per child but home schoolers can share in alternate weeks if required.


The units cover a wide range of curriculum. Each is 8 sessions with teaching aids and resources. Worksheets are emailed by the teacher, and the supervisor marks it to be able to complete a report form, emailed at the end.


Units cover academic, intellectual, moral and social learning.


Teacher and Students in Science Class

Expert Guidance

You are not alone. The teachers and supervisors at Let's Fly! will be with you every step of the way. We have have had many cumulative years as educators in the special needs space and will be available to call on for advice, hints and tips, as well as specific help on the courses you choose. 

The Path to Success

Our teachers are qualified special needs experts and professional development is provided for teachers to maintain their registration. If you are a teacher with an interest in this area, get in touch to see how you can qualify. 

Helping a Student


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Our son Anakin now in year 8 did your program in primaryschool at Beaumaris. It made a big difference not only to his education but also to his happiness  Thank you.


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Our son never handed anything in at school. Your advisor said make him choose grammar in colour or creative algebrai and we will change his attitudes. He chose algebra There was another younger boy working with him . It changed his attitude to learning completely and he got 5 As in his final year. From bored to keen! It turned out he had an amazing memory and could not see why writing was necessary. Thank you.


Are you a teacher with special needs experience? We are looking for more teachers to join our team. Email us with your CV.
Raising Hands

About the Founder of Let's Fly

Patricia Slattery

I have been a professional Gifted Education Consultant since 1998. Before that I was a Principal at 3 schools over fourteen years. I am parent of a large family of gifted offspring and descended from gifted parents and grandparents. I have qualifications in gifted education as well as 2  degrees in different areas.


I realised that unless I did something, there would be little support for to support gifted children. Like any special needs kids, the key to keeping gifted children happy and engaged is starting the work in primary school. 


My program started in schools with Principals who knew and trusted me. Such was the success that other educators soon joined and we have expanded our services to home schooling. 

We hope you and your children have memorable and fun lessons. 



Other Services

Education Counselling

Education councillor Therese Kearney was a school principal and retired to offer services to our program. With this greater and more intensive experience she left and became a family counsellor where complexities for people with extra intensity could get help from a specialist who understands these in depth. 

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A Gifted Life

What is it like being gifted?

Patricia Egglestone Slattery

Patricia Eggleston Slattery was nine years of age when she discovered she was profoundly gifted. She has earned her degree in Education, Theology and a Post Gratitude Certificate in Gifted Education. In the last 22 years she has dedicated her time in assisting other gifted children by managing her successful in-school special needs program.

Her book 'A Gifted Life' outlines the remarkable life story of a profoundly gifted teacher, principal, mother and grandmother.

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Teacher and Student

Parent Tutoring Support from experts

All testers have successfully raised great families of gifted people and have been school leaders as well. They can give wise advice.

My advice is to trust your gifted child and train them to trust you. My parents allowed me to ride on the back of a motor bike at 160 kph for my 5th birthday. They did make sure I understood air pressure at speed and leaning into the curve first  I said,"Tell me," and they gave me the short version. It was great and it witnessed trust to me. The ride was great.

Our professional development training video is now available.
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